Halal Outing is an Australian based company. Our company’s philosophy is to provide services conforming to practices and beliefs of Muslims both in Australia and overseas.

Islam is a religion where its followers perform their daily activities according to the teaching of Islam, their five times prayers and Halal food is mandatory. Hence, Islam is a way of life for all Muslims.

Presently millions of Muslims travels around the world for business, holidays and sightseeing. Inadequate Islamic facilities while away from home, in hotels and resorts sometimes spoil their trip.
In order to capture the highly potential market in Muslim tourism, hotels have developed facilities exclusively for Muslims to provide them Halal food, space for five times prayers, swimming pools(Separate for ladies),Gyms in 100% privacy. There are also many resorts providing all the above facilities so all incoming Muslim tourists enjoy their foreign stay having feeling being at home.

Currently, these categories of halal-friendly properties are offered on our website
•Resorts – Halal-friendly Beach Resorts & Spas
•CityHotels – Halal-friendly Hotels in city locations
•Thermal – Halal-friendly Health Resorts & Spas
• Villas – Private Holiday Homes with secluded pools

We also offer some properties where you can also book optional extras (car hire or halal grocery packs) during the payment checkout stage. “Room Suitability”, “Precise Total Family Pricing” and “Best Rate” are guaranteed, which is a great benefit to Muslim families with children, and is a unique feature of our website.

In locations, where full-scale halal hotels and food are not available, (especially Australian holidays) our website helps halal-conscious travellers to choose hotels based on their degree of halal-friendliness (Example the closest Halal restaurants and Mosque facilities)